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Against War, Terrorism and Corruption: Paintings created by Albert Ashok


Against War, Terrorism  and Corruption: Paintings  created by Albert Ashok

When Wall street journalist, Daniel Pearl, with American and Israeli citizenship, was kidnapped and later murdered by terrorists in 2002, 1st February, in Karachi, Pakistan, I was shocked so much, as a common Indian, I realized this abominable political conspiracy – The terrorism, will destroy the global peace, I realized, the common people have no benefit from this war and terrorism, war and terrorism should be stopped. It has worst effect or consequence on economy and peace and human integrity. I was not a painter on then, I loved drawing and painting, but being a poor person, had no money to buy canvas and paints. But the shock – the murder of journalist Pearl, drove me mad, it haunted me to do something to condemn the heinous crime against humanity. I drew some drawing and water colour works, showing that we urinate on terrorists, in 2005. 

You know, creating art requires a training, after all, it is works of ART, not illustration or anything publication simply publishes. I was fortunate enough that, I knew anatomical life drawing So I started a few water colour works, One work I had a title, ‘Three depressed millitants’. In 2007, I managed some money and bought canvases and painted a big painting, entitled, ‘The Killers’. 

On then, I had a group show, at Birla Academy of Art and Culture. In 2008, I joined a world competition, ‘Freedom to create prize’, by a philanthropic organization, ‘Art Venture’, where about 800 (more or less) participants from 80 (More or less) countries had joined. The organization had featured me globally through their website. It encouraged me my lonely fight against politically murder, terrorism, and corruption against humanity.

 Mask for Killings

 Leaders of countries determining border

 A brute force

I am a very unfortunate man of India. Who has no school education, due to poverty, so got no job, loved art and literature, and want to write books on art and literature, but have no resource. I have no home, no income, nothing to survive. I live in this West Bengal state of India, where I am rewarded with a miserable life and inhumanity. I just cant figure out whether I should continue my struggle or commit suicide. I know, you will read this and keep quiet, because, You are not suffering like me or your life is secured.or you have nothing to do with me. I am happy that whether I die or live, I could have managed a meaningful life. I wrote about a hundred books, which were used by millions, and they were published by two dozen publishers, though they did not give me my dues, royalty.
My house owner given me a notice for eviction due to nonpayment of my rented rooms. I cant blame him, his is only income source is his house rent. My paintings are not being sold. The government of the state is apathetic, they have their interests on politics and power. And their leaders are involved with huge money scam and extortion. The journals, periodicals and TV medias are after money making business. So, there is no hope. I think , before I die I should let you know that a common man struggled hard to live but failed, due to non cooperation from the community he lived.

May be, I would be doing a few more paintings before my voice sinks. Two years ago, 2016, I painted a series of horse riders, titled “ Chaos in Wonderland: the naked King”. Here, this paintings continue the same politically incorrect situations. The leaders of countries are naked and unworthy, they never think for common people. The war and terrorism are burning people’s life. We have no food for the callousness of government and their greed for power and money. It is condemnable.
My style of painting is based on geometry, a multi sided objects. I call it redefined cubism, hard and soft, solid and liquid blending or merged in figurative form.
I was obsessed with cubism from my early days of learning paintings. From 1982, I tried to depict animal form in geometric pattern. On then, I had no money to draw and paint, so I restricted my hand with pen and paper. Black and white sketches. From 1983 I went through great hardships, I practiced drawing, till it is 2013 I resumed my ambition with geometrical pattern that is Cubism. 3 sided objects. After a lot research and experimentation I found my way of paintings, I call it Redefined Cubism, Blending or merging two opposite effect like solid and hard form and soft and liquid form. Besides I apply 3 elements while I create my paintings. Hope my paintings would win your love and thought. Anyway, enjoy!

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